About us

We, Nixilla, are a small web development company based in London, United Kingdom. We specialise in development of APIs and API integrations, OAuth, REST, social networks integrations, Facebook apps, CMS and CRM systems, e-commerce and online payments, booking systems, and many more.


We create testable code and usable applications.

We strive to keep our software projects in best condition, therefore we heavily test our code. We use various testing tools to ensure quality on all levels, from unit, through integration, to acceptance testing. We use continuous integration server to monitor the quality of code on all our projects.

Usability is one of our primary concerns. We believe, that same as with testing, UX is a process and requirements can change over the time of development process. Because we test our software, we appreciate any amends at any stage of the process. We're not afraid of change and therefore we believe that we are truly agile.


Our speciality is PHP with Symfony framework. We love Symfony. We think it's the best designed framework out there. For years we were using (and we still use) Symfony 1, but for last 2 years we're using Symfony 2 for most of our projects.

We test with PhpSpec and Behat. We deploy with Jenkins CI and Capistrano. We use Vagrant with VMware Fusion for development.

But we're not only into PHP and Symfony. We like to experiment with all the new cutting edge technologies. So far we've build few projects in Groovy and Grails. We found Groovy to be one of the most powerful programing languages. We also looking into nodejs for one of our API systems and we use Python to build our own website.

We mainly use OpenSource for our work and also tyring to give something back to the community. Therefore contribute to both: PHP and Grails.

If you would like to contact us regarding development work for you project, regardless whether it's new project or maintenance of your existing one, then proceed to contact page.

Our People